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Car buying experience

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Re: Car buying experience

@tehdrizzle wrote:

I would highly recommend looking at private sellers.  Dealerships have extreme markups in most cases, and cash is always king with private sellers.  Plus you don't have the issue of the salesman trying to push financing on you.  Pay cash for a car that cheap, there really is no reason why someone should ever buy a car more than 10k, it's just wasted cash.  Cars are meant for A to B travel, not to live in.

Some people like to travel in "style" though.  

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Re: Car buying experience

@jhudson7583 wrote:

i think i would rather have root canal with no pain killers than shop for a vehicle.

in a perfect world, dealerships would show you the invoice price, right on the vehicle, perhaps right next to the window sticker. put them side by side.

based on the invoice price, you could make a reasonable offer, and the whole thing could be done and you could be on your way in 45 minutes.

i know we don't live in a perfect world and what im suggesting is likely never to happen.

assuming the dealer is honest and showing the true invoice price (not making one up to look "official") it would certainly make the public a little more relaxed throughout the sales process.

I know for a fact that there are great dealerships all over this country, that are ethical and offer great deals. but at the same time, there are many snakes out there that overcharge everyone every single day.


In NewCarLand "true" and "invoice price" are mutually exclusive terms.

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