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CarMax worked for me

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CarMax worked for me

I bought a 2012 Dodge Journey for approximately $20K and was promised I was approved TWICE around 4-5%. Once through Hughes Federal Credit Union and once through AZ State Credit Union. Both times I drove the car for about 2 weeks and then the deal went south. It is because of my LACK OF CREDIT even though I was pulling a 756 Experian score which is what they all looked at.


Finally I gave up and brought back the car (with 2000 miles extra on it, haha stupid dealership).


So I finally decided to try CarMax. I live 100 miles away from one but called them and they preapproved me. That wasn't good enough for me. I needed an APPROVAL. They promised me a preapproval is an approval. They said I was a top tier credit customer so carmax would finance me internally at 5.2%. So they didn't have the exact car and I found one about 400 miles away. I paid $150 and had it shipped to the closest store. I had them check it all out first. I was putting a lot of trust in them but was desperate at this point.


Anyways, car came in and I picked it up and drove it off and that was that. It took about half an hour and I didn't even have to bring in paperwork because I was financed directly through them.


Story doesn't end...  The next day I get home and realize what I ordered didn't have everything I though. It was my fault because I misread some things about the packages and editions. Anyways I just decided to live with it. On the 4th day the sales person called me and asked me how I liked my car. I told them about my mess up. They said there is a 5 day return policy and got to work immediately on finding me the correct model. Not only did they find it (in a different state) but this time they had it shipped for free. 


The next morning it was there and I brought back the old car and got exactly what I wanted. A 2013 Ford Escape with 1500 miles on it. It was perfect. Took about 45 minutes to return the old one and get the new one.


4 days after that they called me again to see if I was happy and I am COMPLETELY happy with my car and my experience.


I have to say this was my best experience ever with a car dealership.. No haggling... None. Everything is up front. They even gave me an extended 125K mileage warranty. 


I have read some complaints about them and maybe for 3rd party financing they aren't the best? I don't know. I just have to say I am a believer in CarMax and would highly suggest them and buy my next vehicle from them. And no, I don't work for them or know anyone who does. They are in Phoenix where it hit 117 degrees yesterday so you couldnt pay me enough to live there!




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Re: CarMax worked for me

Congratulations 2x!


Once on the new car!  Enjoy!!!!


Another for driving 2,000 miles in someone else's vehicle at no expense to you other than inconvenience that actually lead you to the deal for you!



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Re: CarMax worked for me

Congrats! I have an appointment to visit them Saturday afternoon.  I'm hoping they can beat my RL approval.

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Re: CarMax worked for me

Carmax here in CA doesn't keep their cars up and they mostly smell like smoke. When I went there, they tried to get me to get a 25% loan with them at Wells Fargo. I passed.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: CarMax worked for me

Carmax is hit and miss. It's more about the specific car then anything else. I will say that they are not the company that they were a few years ago. 

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