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DCU Auto Loan Processing Time

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DCU Auto Loan Processing Time

Hello Everyone,

I called dcu on 01/23/2019 for auto loan and approved for 30k. Immediately got an email asking to submit paystub and purchase-sale document and open checkings account. I did submit those immediately as I already have them. I opened checkings account by donating $10 to charity.

How long will it take to get my check as I was planning to take car delivery on 01/26/2019 which is an important day for me.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: DCU Auto Loan Processing Time

Call them!.

I love DCU but never wait for them to call you on a loan.

Once you get them on the phone they will fedex out the check.

They will need a copy of the sales order with VIN, Miles...


I called them on a Thursday night 10 PM got approval

Called them back Friday 1PM and while on phone sent in copy of the sales order.

Within  minutes they finalized the loan.

Within an hour I had the Fedex tracking info.

Check was delivered Saturday before 11:00 AM.


Call them today, get the check tomorrow.

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