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DCU approval - little help friends?!


DCU approval - little help friends?!

I just joined DCU because their auto rates looked decent for the times.

It shows the following and Im a little confused because I don't see the interest rate or anything.

Do they just want a sales contract?  

Appreciate any insight to this DCU noob!



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Re: DCU approval - little help friends?!

Hello Trinzero,


Congrats on DCU Auto approval! You will have 45 days to shop for a vehicle of choice. When a vehicle is chosen, and price (up to the max approved) is agreed upon by both you, and the seller/dealership, you will take that signed purchase agreement, scan it, and upload it into your loan portal. Once that is done, a DCU Rep will call, talk over, and finalize the loan - they will give you the rates, monthly payments, GAP options - at the point.


Good luck! And congrats!



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Re: DCU approval - little help friends?!

I like their 60 payment deferral.

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Re: DCU approval - little help friends?!

 Thank you !

Appreciate this this info!

Kinda different not knowing the rate up front.  🤔

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Re: DCU approval - little help friends?!

You can call and they will get you the rates per the loan term options.

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