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DW- Used car loan -lender chances

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DW- Used car loan -lender chances

Planning for used car purchase for DW.

Recently DW got approval on 2 credit cards(Amex & Citi) Both pulled Experian(there are no alerts from TU and EQ).

3 CB scores and inqs
TU -770- 3 INQS
EQ-790-0 INQS
EX-787 -4/5 INQS

DW is AU on my Penfed credit card. No loans on her profile.

I currently have auto loan with Penfed.

Which lender can give her good interest rates and loan approvals?

Looking for Camry 2014 and up models
3/5/2021 FICO TU-830|EX - 836|EQ -832
Total Credit - $300K+
Starting Score: 640
Current Score: 836
Goal Score: 850

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