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First auto loan lease


First auto loan lease

Hello, I know these forms of questions have been asked countlessly, please bear with me for one more. 


I really want a nice car with low monthly payments so my local kia has the new 2013 kia optima for $200 a month. I have never had an auto loan ever, nor have I heard of people getting a lease as their first car loans. I would like to know your input/experience, I have a 2 year credit history, no baddies whatsoever, TU Fico is 704 and EQ is 680, I'm assuming my auto enhanced score would sad number. I hold a zero reporting balance on all my cards with 8000 available credit (might do some CLI down the road) my gross income each month is 2100 sometimes 1800 never lower. My total debt is 586 for rent,phone,dentist,and Internet. I have been at my current job for 1 year now and currently going to school. 


Not sure if I missed anything, sorry for any grammatical error. (On my iPhone) thanks for your time!

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Re: First auto loan lease

Your credit score is good but will go down after it is auto enhanced because you don't have any previous or current auto loan history. I know with luxury leases you would be declined for but Kia is probably more lenient so I say you have a chance. The other thing that is hurting you is your short employment history. Good luck to you.
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