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Ford Credit

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Ford Credit

Does anyone know what the lowest Fico score is that Ford Motor Credit will finance?


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Re: Ford Credit

Back in my subprime days, my score was in the upper 500's and got a loan with them but that was many years ago.  I don;t even have the TLs on my CR anymore.  I wish I did though.

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Re: Ford Credit

utkscvol1 wrote:

Does anyone know what the lowest Fico score is that Ford Motor Credit will finance?


It's been a bit but 2006-2008 it was no issue getting the 0% for 72 months with about a 580-620... have not heard in a while though.

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Re: Ford Credit

It is all tier driven with Ford.. 


Their tier system works like this 


Tiers 0-5 (0 is auto approval 5 is most likely a TD) 

Tiers are tierd by CBR score 619 and below, 620-719, 720 and up.


So when your loan is sent over they assign a primary tier (based on credit, and deal structure like LTV, term, DTI, etc.) then assign a CBR score band. 


Normally Tiers 0-2 qualify for the lowest promo rates (i.e. 0%) programs can vary by vehicle. There are normally also slightly higher promo rates on tiers 3-5 (tier 5 is not normally approved however) 



For example... a 525 CBR score buying a new 2012 Fusion. $8000 down with good auto pays and good income / job time. 


Tier comes back Tier 2 619& Under.... This deal QUALIFIES for 0% if approved in lieu of therebate.


Same customer, however no money down. 


Tier comes back Tier 4 619 and Under.... 0% if not an option, however the rate may be 8.9% in lieu of the rebate if approved


So in summation, a low CBR score does not take you out of the running for promo rates with FMCC, however, there needs to be some substantial mitigating factors. 



In addition, most captive lenders use this type of tiering system. Some (like TMCC) use the Cbr score bands, some (like VW) don't.

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Re: Ford Credit

My dad has offered to cosign on the loan for us. My husbands score is 545 and I'm not exactly sure on my dad's but he has perfect credit. House is paid for and autos are paid for. He religiously pays on time everything! Wondering if we would be able to get decent financing through Ford with him on the loan.

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