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In Short Regional Acceptance Corp

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In Short Regional Acceptance Corp

Look the bottom line is if anyone person other than a bank or other financial institution loaned money at the rates they do and also resorted to the same practices they seem to go by that person would be investigated and arrested, however for some strange reason banks are an "exception" to all rules (I.e. Bank of America and the recent housing market scams who ended up not only getting away with it but also managed to get the US government to assist them in a bail out) they all have a "pass" to take advantage of people who are in unfortunate situations. That's about as plain as anyone can make it.
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Re: In Short Regional Acceptance Corp

Nice rant. But what about exactly? If DC did not bail out the idiots who sent the economy crashing we would have been writing about credi, banks and loans in the past tense.

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