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Is a request for POI a good sign?


Is a request for POI a good sign?

I applied for a recreational vehicle loan with USAA, they did the credit pull right away and a few hours later I recevied a request for proof of income. I submitted stubs (I submitted the application with accurate income) and the underwriter said a senior underwriter would need to review tomorrow during normal business hours. I wonder if the POI request is a good sign vs just a turn down. I applied with NFCU and they turned me down fairly immediately. I understand the sr underwriter needing to sign off as the amount is fairly large (~200k). Credit score they pulled is 711, it will be significantly higher later in the month as I carried a fair amount (30% of available) credit last month but have since paid all but one card to zero but it hasn't reported. I couldn't wait for that bump to apply due to the current insane vehicle market. 


Re: Is a request for POI a good sign?

I don't have much experience with USAA but I'd guess that asking for POI rather than an auto deny has to count for at least something.

Here's to hoping that you get an approval soon. Be sure to come back and update the thread with your results.
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