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My old Auto loan only on 1 bureau?


My old Auto loan only on 1 bureau?

I was looking over my 3 credit reports as I am going for a new car asap.  I noticed Equifax has my old auto loan on it.  0 lates, paid off and perfect, while it was not on transunion at all.


I think having this on all 3 will help with the auto anhanced Fico.   anyway to get this my other reports also?  loan was opened in 2002 for 16k and paid off in 2004 and was from suntrust.


Another funny thing I noticed was that I took out an extended warranty at the same time, and had a 12 mo installment loan for that.  Well that was on my transunion and not my equifax (opposite of my auto loan) lol


I wish there was some way to get them both on each report

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Re: My old Auto loan only on 1 bureau?

Nothing you can really do, lenders are not legally required to report to the bureaus.  It'll be seen on the big ticket mortgage tri-pull merge, but for any normal pull, unless they multiple (which some do), you may be unluckly.


Fortunately for you, TU is typically the least common to pull unless you live in the Midwest; I'd also check my Experian report and see if it was on there or not.  If you're 2/3 and those happen to be EQ/EX and you live near either coast state-wise, you'll probably be OK.

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