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NFCU Auto Denial

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NFCU Auto Denial

Bit the bullet and decided to app for auto loan through NFCU. Opened checking and savings in August of last year, nRewards in September, then More Rewards in October for $1k. They pulled Transunion and it is sitting at 602. Have some chargeoffs and settled accounts from 2015 on report. Utilization is 42%. Income around 75k. Also have 60k in student loans.


Still working on my credit and maybe I will try again in the summer... Hopefully this won't affect my shot at CLI next month for the MR card and my secured card graduation.

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Re: NFCU Auto Denial

I would definitely work the utilization down and see if you can get some of the derogs off your report. Navy weighs DTI heavily and the student loans and outstanding card balances are likely why they don't want to extend more. If you can get the cards paid down, your scores and DTI will improve. Clear some derogs and it's just that much better. 

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Re: NFCU Auto Denial

I have gotten all the derogs removed that I will be able to. The only thing I can do is settle my two old Chase accounts, which is what I am going to do in the next 2 weeks. After that, all of my old accounts will all atleast be paid or settled and reporting zero balance. They will all age off in the next 1-2 years then I will have a clean report.


I have gotten util down to 31% since posting this. Will keep plugging away at that.

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