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NFCU Auto Refi - declined

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Re: NFCU Auto Refi - declined

DeeBee78 wrote:

If you're not willing to spend some cash to bring the LTV value back down, there's nothing we can tell you to make it magically better.



lowkeyorca wrote:

EAJuggalo wrote:

Which is going to save you more money? Putting extra money towards the car, or saving towards the house?  Seems to me that getting that car paid off at 21% is going to save you a lot of money over the life of the loan.

Putting toward the car would save me more money, but it is not an option. I have to be in a house by July 1st for personal reasons that cannot budge.


I have decided to just continue on the way things are for now, until I have my home downpayment secured, then I will pay down the loan to under 100% and refinance.

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Re: NFCU Auto Refi - declined

I just got rid of my Drivetime loan car last week. It was 3 years old I had to put some money for a down payment but I got my interest down over half for a new car. Try that route if nothing else it's hard to get rid of those cars and loans but keep the hope. Once your out you're out but be aware they may send you a bill after they pay them off because of their daily interest it's not normal but they do and they will rarely offer you a lower interest if you pay on time and try to get another car from them don't do it
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