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NFCU Preapproval Question

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NFCU Preapproval Question

I applied for and was approved for an auto loan from NFCU for a late model used vehicle (2018 or newer) and less than 30,000 miles.  They sent me draft to use to make the purchase. They paperwork indicates those parameters as well as the apr, which is slightly higher than it would be for a new vehicle. I'm now considering buying a new vehicle instead.  I called NFCU and asked if I needed to reapply or what I needed to do if I decided to buy new.  The CR said I could still use the same draft and they would just adjust the interest rate on their end.  So while I believe the CR, the paper work clearly says it is for a late model used vehicle and can't be used for another type.  My questions - has one had experiece with this?  Any hiccups using the draft when you actually go to purchase?  I don't want to negotiate a deal and then have an issue with the draft.  TIA!

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Re: NFCU Preapproval Question

Did you purchase a new car yet? I’m wondering what happened with the used car draft for the new car purchase.
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