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NFCU auto loan

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NFCU auto loan

Just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what they did.


My husband applied for an auto loan with NFCU and was denied because of "limited credit experience". He's been a member with them since 2000 and has had a $20k Visa Signature card with them since 2005. We recently moved back to the states after both working overeas for several years but he's been away for nearly 16 years and his visa is the only thing on his credit report. He had a mortgage (paid off) and two cars (paid off) in the country he was living in so those weren't ever reported. Is that denial something normal even though he has a credit history? We even went through the mortgage pre-approval process with NFCU two months ago when we were moving back (but decided to rent and get to the know the city better before we bought) and there was no credit issue then. Any thoughts before I call them?

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Re: NFCU auto loan

Someone else had this happen, I believe it was 7 years of no activity due to living outside the states
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