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NFCU refinance chances


NFCU refinance chances

Good Morning !


I am wondering what my chances of getting a refi done on my truck with NFCU.  I have 2 cards, but have been denied increases in the 5 years i have had them!! My current scores are listed below....i have NEVER been late on a car payment since i opened the loan almoset 2.5 years ago.....I just opened a VW lease for my daughter in March.....


Income: $150k + (varies on OT or bonuses)

VW lease: $421 payment

Lexus payment: $785 (18% interest)

Discover: 53% UTI

NFCU AMEX: 0% UTI (product change from More rewards)

NFCU Flagship: 95% UTI


My Flagship was over the limit but is now no longer....the statement closes Friday.  Should i wait until Saturday to apply?



01/21/2021: EQ FICO 636 TU FICO 688 EX FICO 683 br>Goal:850
AMEX Delta Platinum $1k| Macys AMEX $1k| CARE CREDIT $6,600| NFCU AMEX $13.5k|NFCU Platinum $8k|DISCOVER $6k| NFCU LOC $13k| NORDSTROM $2200| Neiman Marcus $3k| PENFED CashRewards $10k| Value City Furniture $7,500k| LOWES $17k| Target $200|VW lease $13k| LFCU Pool loan $77k| NFCU auto $25k|BMW Auto $73k|Student loans $42k
*Entering garden May 2021*

Utilization: 47%
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Re: NFCU refinance chances

I just refinanced with NFCU with pretty much the same stats you have as far as income and debt. I was recently denied CLI for my card with them but they approved the refi just a couple days later. Best of luck!!

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