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NWFCU - should I join

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NWFCU - should I join

I live in Northern VA and there is a Northwest Federal Credit Union near me. Does anyone have any info on this CU. After searching this form the most recent post I seen was from 2013
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Re: NWFCU - should I join

Never heard of them and since no one responded, I am guessing others haven't had the pleasure of dealing with them?. Perhaps, you can find out more about them since you are closer and report data back here so that someone else can benefit in the future...

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Re: NWFCU - should I join

this credit union was based from northwest airlines before they were bought by Delta. my husband and I have both have auto loans through them and we had no problems with them.

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Re: NWFCU - should I join

Do you remember who they used to pull your scores?

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Re: NWFCU - should I join

UPDATE, I did join NWFCU, they pull from experian only. I applied for a car loan and a credit card. It took about 3 days and today I was approved for both. CC CL $2500, POI required. I am now offically laying low.. my old interest rate was 21%....TALK ABOUT HAPPY!!!




Amount: $25,000.00         

Term:  60 months

Rate:  7.79%*


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Re: NWFCU - should I join

That's great news!! Congrats on the Approvals and that rate! Smiley Happy

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