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Need help, first timer here!!!!

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Need help, first timer here!!!!

So I refinanced my car to lower my payment, that way I could absorb my fiances new car payment. We have a capital one blank check for a dodge avenger SE 2011 with 35k miles for $11,586




I found a private part 2011 dodge avenger LUX with 21k miles (touchscreen dvd, nav, all leather, great wheels, halogen headlights, etc.) and its listed for $11,776.00.

The reason we did blank check is because we only wanted to put down $2500 and finance the rest into the loan tax titles fees etc.


If I go to my credit union and apply for this loan, do they typically finance the fees associated, or will we have to put down around 2k ish and pay the fees? I will call on lunch to talk to someone, but we were supposed to go to the dealer today to get the car so Im trying to get my stuff together ASAP to know if its even worth it.


Ideally we would like to put 2500 down with the CU and be done with it. Finance the fees etc. I have no clue how this works, so Im sorry if this is a stupid question.

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Re: Need help, first timer here!!!!

It is my understnading that fees are not usually included into the downpayment, and those would needed to be paid separate from the 2k you were expecting to put down. For a refi you will not be paying tags, title, taxes, etc. that usually takes a large portion of extra money to pay in addition to the loan, you should be paying very minimal fees with whoever is refinancing the loan for you. I would not expect this to be more than 100 dollars.

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