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Question about Chase Auto Loans

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Question about Chase Auto Loans

Ive been doing some loan shopping, and am looking at Chase, seeing as there are so many positive reviews about them. I have both their Freedom and Slate cards, but they both have high balances due to the holidays. I use those cards the most of all my cards (0% APR), and have never been late on them. My total UTIL is 29% for all cards. Here is more info:


Credit Score: 660 EX Fico (1/11)

AAoA: little less than 2 years

# of positive trade lines: 6

# of negative trade lines: 2 ( a few lates from 2+ years ago)

Income: approx 23,000 per year 

Lenght of Employment: 2.5 years at current job

Previous Loan Experience: none

Debt-to-Income (DTI): 10%

Year of Car: 2011 Honda Accord

Miles: 28000

Purchase/Refinance: purchase

Requested loan term (XX Months): 60

Down payment amount: 6400

Co-borrower/Co-Signer: none

Other: I live with family, so I dont pay any rent. Patelco already denied me and after the fact told me that they have to put atleast $400 down as rent even though I dont pay any. 


Looking for a loan of no more than 17,000.

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Re: Question about Chase Auto Loans

Forgot to add:


Im a recent college graduate, if that helps any. Have about $3800 in savings for rainy day situations. 


I also bank at US Bank... should I try with them too?

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