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Really NEED agood advice - Please help

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Really NEED agood advice - Please help

i was too happy and i bought a new sonata by mistake, they tricked me in the financial dept.

Anyways, I gave 3k down + my car, and i am still 19700k owing for that car. It has less than a 1000 miles no payment has been payed yet.

I wanna return that car-sell it back to some dealer for the amount i owe  and cover the whole ammount  so that car would be payed off in full.HOW is that gonna look on my credit. Will it be ruined or not?


I would buy another car for 13700 k which has a lower payment, i need that money.

Please, i need a fast answer

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Re: Really NEED agood advice - Please help

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Re: Really NEED agood advice - Please help

Not sure what state you are in but you may have no recourse.


Man up on it and say you jumped the gun, don't say they "tricked" you.  Take some responsibility for your own actions.

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