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I purchased a used car toyota camry 2010 30000 miles,3 months ago, with a huge APRs 25%, but I needed the car and I did it, 

I didn't have any score history until 2 weeks before i bought the car, when my score showed 654 fico, I was surprised then it dropped to 624.

now it does change, right now is at 647, i pay my credit cards in full but they never report bc of the day they reported so sometimes reportes balances and it goes down and sometimes it reports 0 balance at it goes up varies 650-696.

i have 3 credit cards with 1. $200 limit, $300 limit, $300 limit. 

car loan $16000

monthly payment $457 for 72 months goal is 5% APR. or less

I did open an acount with a credit union, so i heard they give better deals on refinance.

If anyone can give any sugestion what should i do next i would apreiciate


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