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Refinancing a high mileage car

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Re: Refinancing a high mileage car

 I can do my own repairs... I know the Fiesta ST and Focus ST better or just as well as Ford's own heavy line mechanics. I have access to several lifts, power tools, discounts on Ford OE parts and well as many friendships I can lean on in the SEMA community.


 Ecoboost engines wear extremely well. No bearing damage or leaks to speak off at double the factory output. 


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 The worst thing to happen was to lose my Focus ST. I am not going to disclose exactly what happen as it involves deaths in the family for one thing.


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 FYI the high mileage ST has been sold, I didn't feel super comfortable buying as I didn't want to potentially get stuck with a high interest loan with no way out of it.


 I got some things cooking we'll see what happens as I spend $1200+ a month on rental cars which must come to an end. 



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Re: Refinancing a high mileage car

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