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Refinancing options

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Refinancing options

Ok so i currently have a 2013 Honda Accord in which the buyout is 34K .... i was wondering is there any place anyone know of that i can refinance this loan with ... my current scores are 611 for EQ and 699 TU  no idea what my EX is and i dont have a long history of auto loans so i assume i dont have an auto enhanced but i really want to refinance my car because right now im on a 3 year finance but my payments i want to stretch them out to lower them a bit so i can have a  little more breathing room than i currently have with my current payments... im currently paying $656.59 per month im looking to get that as low as possible. Possibly 400 but 500 is acceptable ... any referrals....

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Re: Refinancing options

I'd say a local credit union would be your best option. They will take in consideration on your past auto loan history.

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