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Repo ?'s

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Repo ?'s

In March, my parents had their truck repo'd. They did get it back the next day, after paying what was owed. In April of 2006 the moved from Florida to California, at which time they notified to lender of the new address. They had automatic withdrawl set they didn't have a problem with payment, during the move. After they were settled in California they continued with the autopay.......It was drawn out of an account just for the car, so they deposit the money.....and then don't worry about it. Evidently something happened in December of 07 and the autopay did not go through, at which time the lender stopped the autopay. My parents never got a notification that this happened, until they woke up at 11pm one night in March to someone knocking on the door to repo the truck. The lender said they did not have their address to send any information too, which is why no notice was sent. A bunch of BS.... What makes me mad is that they had the address to repo the car, but no address to send anything too? Was this legal? My mom did change the address, but the lender never noted it down. I am still so angry about this......may dad is 70 with a recent knee replacement..... Is there anything I can do, after the fact?
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Re: Repo ?'s

Absolutely!  File a compliant with the Federal Trade Commission and their state's attorney general.  If this does not help.  File suit against them in small claims court. 
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