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Road Loans

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Road Loans

So here is what Road loans told me:

Thank you for your recent loan application, which was submitted to RoadLoans.

After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we are unable to approve your request at this time.

• Insufficient comparable high credit

What does that mean?

I do have a orchard bank credit card, on my report shows balance of $320.46, my credit limit is $310, but I paid that off by the due that, balance is now $0. When that gets Updated you think I could get approved?

(7-14-08 TU:539 EQ:546 EX:642)
(2-08-09 TU:607 EQ:564 EX:640)
(6-10-09 TU:634 EQ:544 EX:656)
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Re: Road Loans

was it an immediate denial or did they send it to you in an e-mail, and then a letter?

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Re: Road Loans

Have you had an auto loan before?  If not, it might mean that they
can see you haven't had experience with a higher loan amount
and they don't want to be the first to give you a loan.  Just a thought.
You might also try WFS Financial.. also referred to as Wachovia.
They sometimes are easier to get approved with.  You can apply
on line and get a response fairly quickly.  If none of this works, you
could try to go to a dealer and see what they can do for you on
financing.  Ford Credit is usually pretty easy to get approved with.
Also, everyone here raves about Credit Unions, you could try one
of them.  Personally, I did not have a good experience with my
credit union on an auto loan.  I went else where.  
Good Luck!
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Re: Road Loans

                                 I was denied by roadloans because of this reason:
                                   Income does not meet minimum requirements
                                I gross 2153 a month..was wanting a 19,000 loan,does anyone know what the
                                minimum gross income to qualify for a individual loan is?
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