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Single Inquiry Loan

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Single Inquiry Loan

Hello Everyone,


LONG time lurker, first time poster here. I wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else has experienced. 10 days ago I leased my new vehicle, a Range Rover with dealer financing (Chase).


Chase did 1 hard inquiry to TU, and thats it. No other inquiries, not from the dealer, not other bureau, nada. I was blown away! 


When I leased my previous car, a Lexus, i think i saw at least 6 different inquiries (One per bureau, from the dealer itself and from Lexus Financial). Same when i purchased my VW prior to that. 


I wish each loan involved 1 entity, and 1 single pull from only 1 bureau! Is that a norm? Did i get lucky? Can i request this in the future? 


Thanks all! 

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Re: Single Inquiry Loan

I just applied through Mazda, which Chase is also the captive lender, and they pulled TU and EX. Chase then pulled TU and EX again. In California Chase pulls TU. No idea why they pulled both twice.

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