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TD Auto Finance

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TD Auto Finance

I worked with a few clients of mine to finally find a bank to carry paper for me on a decent car.


While all the majors shot down me for not being in bureaus that long, TD Auto Finance gave a no doc approval instantly on a high end car


The guy I deal with specializes in high end cars that are 1 to 3 years old, Bentley's, top end Benz's etc


So TD Auto Finance is carrying paper that no one else will tough, if the car is a premium car


If this info helps u, use it

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Re: TD Auto Finance

Thanks for the post.  My FICO scores are  high,.  Most times when I purchase, I come with approval already.  I did some rate shopping and was approved by everyone I applied to, including my credit union.  Silly me did not go there first.


I never buy new cars, but great pre owned. I purchaed a BMW and the place I purchased got me a low interest rate at TD.  I could have gotten a lower interest rate with the credit union, it was 2.99% on a used car for 60mths, but they would not go longer.  These cars are not cheap and a sista needs as many months as you can give her.


So far so good, they let me pick my payment dates and they are super friendly.  I never pay anything late, thank God.   I will probably re-fin for a lower interest rate in a year or so.



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Re: TD Auto Finance

I'm happy with them.  I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee in May and they came in with the lowest APR.

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