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Title Transfer with Auto Refinancing

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Title Transfer with Auto Refinancing

Hi everyone!


This is my first time posting, as I am often just lurking!  Smiley Happy


I have finally received a somewhat decent refinancing option through Capital One Auto Finance, but have a question about the process.  I was already approved, but now they are asking that I send my car title into them so that they can change the leinholder from my current lender to themselves, by sending it to my state's DMV.


Apparently, this is to be done BEFORE they send the payoff check to my current lender.  Is this standard protocol?  Has anyone here gone through this process before, in a state where the customer (myself) holds the actual car title, such as in Wisconsin, where I am located?  I thought that they had to payoff my current loan before they get my title.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!




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Re: Title Transfer with Auto Refinancing

No one has experienced this, or knows anyone who has??

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Re: Title Transfer with Auto Refinancing

NFCU required that the title be updated within 90 days to reflect them as a new leinholder. 

I think CAP one can request that they be put into the second lein position so that once the first leinholder is paid, then they automatically move into first position...


This isn't exactly standard protocol...


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