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USAA pre-approval auto loan

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USAA pre-approval auto loan


I just checked "My Offers" on my USAA online account and it shows that I have a pre-approval for an auto loan of up to $50,000 with 4.29% interest. Does anyone know if this means that I am automatically approved or will I have to apply and get hit with inquiries and possibly not be approved?

Thanks for the help guys!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: USAA pre-approval auto loan

Your Approved from what I have read but you usually don't end up with the full 50k to shop, once you apply they will give you the highest you qualify for.

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o you Re: USAA pre-approval auto loan

Thanks for the reply, Creditaddict! I don't mind not getting the full $50k! I can't afford a $50k car anyway!

Do you know if they will hard or soft me?

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Re: o you Re: USAA pre-approval auto loan

They will do a hard hit for the actual application. Your pre-approval was most likely granted from a soft hit.

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