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Wells Fargo Auto Refi question

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Wells Fargo Auto Refi question

So I applied this morning for a refi with them and got this as a response. I cut and pasted the important parts of the email. So I should be approved I'm getting out of this email??


Congratulations!!! Your loan application has passed our initial criteria for approval.


P.S.S. Please keep in mind that your credit approval is conditional. We may verify your income, employment and other information you supplied on your application before we fund your loan. Based on the results of this verification process, we may revoke our approval.

5/17/19 TU 771 EX 786 EQ 767 ---- Discover $35,000/BOA $25,000/Macy's $25,000/Sam's Club MC $20,000/AmEx Delta Plat $18,500/Lowe's $15,000/Wells Fargo PLOC $15,000/BOA Cash Rewards $13,800/Apple Rewards $12,100/GM BuyPower $12,000/AmEx Hilton Honors $10,000/Dick's MasterCard $10,000/Citi Simplicity $8200/Citi Double Cash $7900/Wells Fargo Visa $7000/State Farm $4000
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Re: Wells Fargo Auto Refi question

You are conditionally approved. Meaning yes its an approval so long as you meet the conditions they provide. Which are the ones listed like verifying income. So you get fully approved by showing your pay stubs or whatever documents they request. If you do not provide what they ask for then they can decline.

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