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1 yr Post BK

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1 yr Post BK

Filed Chapter 7, October 8th last year. Best decision I've ever made.

Currently have:
Secured Credit Card $200 (couldn't get approved for an unsecured right out of BK)
Credit One $700
Merrick $700 (guaranteed double to $1400 at the 7 month mark)

Keep receiving preapprovals from Barclay, but haven't decided if I'm going app.
Still blacklisted from Capitol One (and I only burned them for $300).

Got a $20,000 new car loan in September with Wells Fargo, with a interest rate of 6.9% (plan to refinance for a lower rate at 6 months).

Only debt I have is the car and $60,000 in student loans. Don't carry a balance on credit cards.

My current plan is to garden for a while, and pay off the student loans and car at a furious pace. My goal is to be debt free in the next 3 years and hopefully buy a house in the next 2-3 years.

My original scores are in my signature. My current scores are:
Equifax 674
Experian 667
TransUnion 642
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Re: 1 yr Post BK

You have done an awesome job RedtoBlack, congrats your rebuild!!  It's amazing what a difference a year can make. Well done!


Smiley Happy







Chapter 7: Discharged November 2015
11/15 Fico 8: EQ-585, TU-550, EX- 551
07/16 Fico 8: EQ-703, TU-695, EX- 660
09/16 Post App Spree Fico 8: EQ-675, TU-675, EX-663
Cap One Platinum $2K>$4K, Cap One Quicksilver $3K, Discover $1,600, SPGVisa $4500, Red Roof Inn Siggy Visa $5K, Good Sam/Camping World Visa $1800, Overstock $7K, Lowe's $6K, NFCU Cash Rewards Visa $4600, NFCU CLOC $15K, PenFed Promise Visa $10,500, Evine $1K, CreditOne Visa $600|Total CL: $153K
Garden until September 2018 (I'll be in the pumpkin patch)!seedling-transparent.png

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