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450 score

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450 score

Hey all. I am so sorry for so many threads in one day but things keep coming to my mind. My credit is an awful 450 after 17 accounts becoming 120 past due before I could file. Before any late pays it wasn't great but at a 630. Now 450. The bankruptcy was filed yesterday. Did anyone have a similar score at the time of filing? How did the bk affect it and how much has it grown?
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Re: 450 score

My FICO was in the 470's one month prior to filing. My discharge was 01/2019. A month after discharge 02/2019 my FICO was 568 without opening any new lines of credit. So about a 100 point increase.
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Re: 450 score

My score dropped significantly the day after filing and went up 30 points the day my discharge was entered.
And the late pays probably did more damage than the bankruptcy. I was 120 days delinquent on several accounts as well and that’s what really tanked my score.

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