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Account Numbers

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Account Numbers

Hello all, had a question on account numbers.  Pulled my free credit reports and it only give partial account numbers on the credit reports, partially masked.   Do I need the whole number to file or is the partial good enough? 

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Re: Account Numbers

I believe my lawyer pulled my reports and used the partial numbers, he also used the adresses of creditors and my info.


Someone elese will chime in.

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Re: Account Numbers

When I filed a few weeks ago, the account number wasnt needed..only the address.

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Re: Account Numbers

For the credit card accounts they are often the same 16 digit code on the actual cards. Compare them if you still have the physical cards. The other way I found them was checking old emails - they often include part of the account number in the email (and typically a different part than the credit reports did). 


When I filed I had to have the account numbers, name and address of the creditor, as well as any debt collector or lawyer that had bought the debt. The biggest challenge in filing was finding all of that information. I had buried my head in the sand when we started defaulting so I didn't have a list of accounts or account numbers. Be smart, make a list before you lose account access!

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Re: Account Numbers

My lawyer asked for partial account numbers for bank account numbers. I'm guessing for credit cards she used my credit report.

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