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Another question due to things i forgot about from a past company i had

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Another question due to things i forgot about from a past company i had


Back again with a quick question, I saw posted on a few threads here about Kabbage, Paypal Working Capital but did not see Amazon.

Quick History, from 2010 - 2016 ( Closed Single Member LLC) I have a online business that was doing very well up until a bunch of things happened to that market and sales came crashing down. After getting ready for my bk7 now i came across loans from the old LLC specifically from the lenders i posted here. I never saw the outcome on the forums in dealing with this companies.


When I closed the llc in 2016 is was a legal shut down and yes i did owe the the companies here but have not heard a peep from them and none are on my credit report, to this date I have not heard from them. I do believe Kabbage and Paypal Working Capital are personal guarantees but Amazon is probably not. Does anyone have experience with these companies and included them in a BK7. I cant get any info on the paypal loan as it was tied to that paypal account and company and there email, kabbage I dont know the log in and amazon account associated with that company is cosed.


I have the original loan docs for the kabbage but it was changed to a combined loan to attempt to pay them off but in the end i failed. I am asking as I do not want to file bk7 and then have some collection agency come after me for these loans as they are substantial. Can an attorney find info on these or am I out of luck. Thank you all once again


Edit: Single Member LLC S Corp, After doing some research in Wi to see if I had been sued or the business was sued, though closed so what would be the point, there are no judgements or pending court cases against me or the closed LLC. Still wondering if anyone had any experiance with these companies.

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Re: Another question due to things i forgot about from a past company i had

I had tons of business debt when I filed (99.9% of my filing was biz debt).  I found it safer just to list them all.  The creditor can be listed with an amount "unknown" 

Ch 7 Discharge 3/12/2018
Cap One QS1 $3,500, Wayfair $5,000, Blaze MC $3,000, Kohls $2,000, BBVA $2,500
Infiniti Financial lease
Subaru/Chase $12k 1.99%

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Re: Another question due to things i forgot about from a past company i had

Hi Sccredit,


Thanks for the information, I am sorry for not posting sooner but was side tracked with working and getting ready for my meeting with the attorney. I found the loans while going through a box of papers looking for something else and totally forgot about all of them.


I am going to list the 3 I metioned and i do have paperwork for 2 of the 3, paypal working capital i have none and cant get any due to the company being closed. Thanks again, will see how this all goes.

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