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CU CC Showing 'Open' with TU Post Discharge

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CU CC Showing 'Open' with TU Post Discharge

I received discharge on 2/1. I checked all my reports yesterday (and have been watching updates using the CreditWise service I had from CapOne pre-BK). 


I know the FAKOs aren't super accurate, but I'm seeing the same thing on the actual report - my CU CC shows as 'included in bankruptcy' and balance of $0, but the account shows as 'open'.


Creditwise is pulling this as me having an open CC with a $2k credit line and zero utilization... From what I can tell, my old CU will be keeping the account 'open' indefinitely as it's a 'loss' for them. They still hope I'll pay them back out of the kindness of my heart so that I can bank with them again - I'd love to bank with them, but yeah, not going to happen...


My question - should I bother disputing this with TU to get the account listed fully as closed, or leave it as-is with zero util until I'm able to get a starter card to rebuild my credit? From what I can see, it's listed as 'closed' with EQ and EX.

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Re: CU CC Showing 'Open' with TU Post Discharge

I would just leave it. I had a card report as open for about 2 ish years, now it has updated to closed.. Super weird!
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