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Capital One Recon?

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Capital One Recon?

My husband and I decided to try the capital one route today for getting credit after bankruptcy.

I had read that it's 1 hard pull for the day. So my husband applied for platinum and then quicksilver one and was approved for both with $300 credit limits.

I did the same but my quicksilver one was denied.

I tried to call to recon but was told that if there's a pending application or recently approved application that you can be denied. They said they could have it reprocessed but that would result in an additional hard pull sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Is there something specific I need to say or should I just wait a few months and try again?

Thank you! Sorry for all the questions I just want to do everything right this time around!
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Re: Capital One Recon?

From what I understand is cap 1 has a 6 month rule. You can only get one card every 6 months.
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Re: Capital One Recon?

Thank you for your response! I will try again in 6 months!
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