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Chap 7 and Mortgages?

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Chap 7 and Mortgages?

Ok, so DH had a BK in 01/2008/DC May 2008......Looking to buy a house in mid 2010 in FL


His credit is a mess, with Collections reporting at least three  x's (which are all included in BK) and many Charge off/Bad Debt (which are also all included in BK)


Can I dispute these seperately as being included in BK?  Or is that the way it will stay (seperately) until things start falling off closer to 2017 (when it is off his report?)


What are the chances that his credit will/can be cleaned up by mid 2010? 


(His Scores EQ- 597 TU - 608  (from my fico)  he was just approved for a Kay card $550CL , has CapOne with $1250CL and working on paying down - balance now $1020.  Also thinking of adding him as AU on my cards to bump scores)


ANy general advice?  Specifics?  ANything?  TIA Smiley Happy





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