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I finally Filed...Questions for the Group.


I finally Filed...Questions for the Group.

Alright, I have been a long time stalker with a few posts on this site and I finally FILED. I am excited to rebuild but, nervous of the process. Some odd things have been happening with my credit score recently. I was sitting at a 550 across the board before filing with two positive revolving accounts and two AU positive accounts. Two days before I filed with absolutely no recent lates or changes to my report my score fell 100 points overnight with TU and EX. I have absolutely no idea why? My CH 7 was filed electronically yesterday and I got a notification today that the public record had hit my reports. My score then shot up 107 points once that happened. Is it normal for your score to being doing funny things during this process? I don't know that I would've filed without the encouragement of the group here but, I filed as a former auto lender got a judgement which included a garnishment against me. Also, what will happen with the cards that I am an AU on? My attorney had to send them notice just the same. 



Thank you very much, I will keep everyone updated as the process moves along for anyone that would like to follow this recent journey. 

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Re: I finally Filed...Questions for the Group.

Starting fresh is a good thing.  Talk with your atty to see what your trustee will allow you to do as far as rebuilding and then wait for the 341 which should not be difficult.  Your credit score dives during bankruptcy and will fluctuate until stabilization after discharge.  Make sure that everything that you obtain stays positive.  Creditors are watching.  Do not apply for all credit offered to you.  Be smart as to not get in trouble again.  Do not obtain Credit One!!  (note:  Advice given for informational purposes only).

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Re: I finally Filed...Questions for the Group.

Not to question your attorney -- because I'm not one -- but I'm not sure that including cards where you're an authorized user makes sense to me. If you're an AU, you aren't responsible for the debt. The creditor may find out anyway, and what they choose to do is up to them. They may close out the cards.


I would have voluntarily removed myself from the cards as AU until the bankruptcy discharge, then re-added you as AU after discharge, if the creditor's policy allowed for that.

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Re: I finally Filed...Questions for the Group.

Honestly, I should've thought of that. I did not think of having myself removed as an AU. I had to file as quick as humanly possible given the garnishment that was filed against me. I hired an attorney, took my financial course, and filed within 15 days. My credit scores are still bouncing all over the place and I have no idea why. I went from 550 (Starting Score) to 430 (Never had a score that low) to 561 all within 5 days. Who knows?! Anyhow, I missed my first payments in quite some time....and I'm very upset about it. The attorney told me simply not to pay but, I guess it is what it is. Luckily, My BK was filed on the day the payment was due so... that brings me to a question...


I've read elsewhere in the forum, can the CC company (First Premier) report that the payment is late as I filed at the time it was due? 



TIA for everyone's help.

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