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Merrick Bank


Merrick Bank

I have agree to pay the remaining payment by post date checks at a settlement amount for $560  2-3 payments at $232.  I paid one it clear at the bank well lost my job and the other payment was not clear at the bank and was return.  When I later called to reschedule the payment they stated that the agreement was voided and I had to pay $1,098. Mine most of this was late charges, over limit fee.
I have a question about my acct with Merrick.  Equifax report Mar 2006 the acct was charge off in 8/03, closed 6/02, DOLA 12/01, Last payment date 7/05, Items As of Date Reported 8/05
Equifax report Jan 2008  acct IIBK, DOFD 12/01, Date of Major Delinquency First Reported 1/07, Items As of Date Reported12/07
I file BK 12/06, Discharged 3/07 I included Merrick in with the BK.  Is this acceptable?  What should I have done?  I just did not want to leave any lose end.  What date will it fall off by the DOFD or now the BK date of 7 more addition years in 2013?
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Re: Merrick Bank

it should fall off in december of this year.
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