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Need some advise please.

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Need some advise please.

Ok, me and the wife filed chapter 13 in 2002. It was discharged in 2005. It fell off my credit report as of this June.


The problem is that when i filed, i filed on a auto loan. Just got my report from TU and its on there. It has a balance but says i owe nothing on the account. I need this removed cause its making my real balance of like $8000 look like $25,000. How do i go about this.



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Re: Need some advise please.

Hopefully you still have copies of your bankruptcy paper work. If you do all you will need to do is find the schedule that lists your auto loan in the bankruptcy and a copy of your discharge and send them to the credit bureau that is reporting the information incorrectly.


Hope this helps! Good luck!

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