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Quick BK question...

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Quick BK question...

First off..hello to the board.......
 I filed for BK back in June of 1998. It was dismissed not far after that due to lost of job (yea sucks). But since then...everything that I filed in the BK was either paid off or it just fell off my report. the balance says $0 in the Asset amount and the liability amount. Should I ask to have this remonved from my report or just leave it alone? If to have it remeoved, which letter should I use?
 Thanks in advance.
9/23/07 EQ-588 EX-613 TU-621
11/16/07 EQ-678 EX-705 TU-621
12/31/07 EQ-702 EX-703 TU-683
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Re: Quick BK question...

Don't worry about it. The dismissed bankruptcy eill be falling off this June of 2008. That is only 8 months away. What you can do is send in a normal dispute letter in the very beginning of May 2008. The credit bureaus will allow a bk to be removed off your credit report 1 month prior. I know this because I asked them on the phone a few days ago.
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