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Travel Trailer financing

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Travel Trailer financing

Hello! Our Chapter 7 was discharged in July of 2018. Since that time my husband was able to get a truck Financed through Capital One and just recently was approved for a Discover card with a starting CL of $1250.00


I currently have a Kohl's CC with a CL of $350.00 and also was recently approved for a Discover Card with a starting line of $1250.00 as well. 

My car is paid off and other than the debts listed above (and our mortgage that we reaffirmed) that is our current debt.

Our CK scores are in the mid to upper 600's however we are in the market for a travel trailer. We have outgrew our current one however when I reached out to a salesman at a local RV dealership, he said our Bankruptcy wouldn't favor us with any lenders without a huge down payment. 


I've reached out to a few credit unions to see what their stance is on financing with a bankruptcy and of course it's pretty much we need to go in and complete credit apps. (I know we need to do to get anywhere, but I just hate the thought of our scores dropping)


So with that, has anyone financed with a reputable lender for a travel trailer? (We burned PenFed in the bankruptcy as well as a local educator credit union here)


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