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this darn tax refund

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this darn tax refund


Filed in April 2017, discharged Chap7 in July 2017.

Now its January 2018 and we are ready to file 2017 taxes.

We are due a refund of about $4.5k.

Do we need to alert the trustee of this? Can they take the cash since its technically income from 2017?

Is there anything at all special that we need to do?



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Re: this darn tax refund

As far as I know (and I have been researching alot since I am about to file) you should be ok. You have already gotten your discharge and you should be good as far as I know. However chances are I could be wrong and I would wait for someone with alot more expierence to chime in here.

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Re: this darn tax refund

If the trustee was interested in your 2017 refund to be paid out in 2018, there should have been some arrangement already made. Aside from that, the important date is your filing date. The trustee would, generally, only be entitled to income earned up to your filing date, not income earned after filing.


If  you don't already have instructions  on turning in a 2017 refund, I wouldn't worry about it. The trustee likely filed paperwork calling your case a "no asset" case. You  obtained a discharge. There were no objections. The case is closed.


If any of the above are incorrect, let us know. Otherwise, put your refund in a place that will do you well. Smiley Happy

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Re: this darn tax refund

You should be fine based on everything I've heard.


Your withholding is seriously out of whack . . . fix it . . no reason you shouldn't be paying yourself that $$ throughout the year!

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Re: this darn tax refund

@SteelerNYC wrote:


Your withholding is seriously out of whack . . . fix it . . no reason you shouldn't be paying yourself that $$ throughout the year!

Seriously, this.


If OP put their weekly overpayment into Insight at 5% APY, they'd have made $105 in interest on that free loan to the govt.  Yeesh!

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Re: this darn tax refund

Thanks for posting this. Because I wanted to find out for my part too.


My timeline in filing and discharge is exactly same as yours.


I recall at the time of my 341 meeting, I was instructed to notify the trustee of any inheritance or any lump sum paid out to me within 3 or 6 months after, I can't remember how long exactly. So I should be off the hook now.


I had no asset case too. Am I expected to receive any forms to include in my tax returns? 


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