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AMEX Biz Gold Card Approval; Personal Denial Help!

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AMEX Biz Gold Card Approval; Personal Denial Help!

After years of lurking the blog, I pulled the trigger today. I was pre-approved personally for Gold & Green card, and Gold, Green, and Blue Cash for business. Biz Gold card approved. I then applied for Blue Credit, they wanted to access my biz account. I attempted to grant it but it got stuck, so I canceled it. Got a pending application, then email denial. Finally went to personal to apply for personal Gold. I was denied because I had just received the Blue Credit denial. 


1) Should I call and let them review biz bank statements?

2) When can I re-apply for Personal Gold Card?


Also, open to any other advice you deem fit. Thanks so much!

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Re: AMEX Biz Gold Card Approval; Personal Denial Help!

I would wait about 30- 60 days but you could call for a review which will result in another HP. In my opinion, I would not get a personal because it will show as a new account and the business side will be hidden from your personal credit. If you let it age for a month or two and you really need another card it will be a SP because you are an existing client but be careful because I just had a business blue overturned with a fresh HP which opened me up for 2 more approvals but cost an HP because I had a manual review. Had I waited a few weeks after the manual approval I could have gotten my other cards without the additional HP. I hope this helps

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