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Best Gas/Fleet Business Credit Card

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Best Gas/Fleet Business Credit Card

Looking to apply for a few Gas/Fleet cards. Wanted to know the best ones to apply for that typically approve higher credit limits. 

13 year old LLC, 80 Paydex (4 reporting), 90 Experian (2 reporting), Equifax? (1 reporting) $14k Sams MC, $7k Amazon Rev., $7k Amazon Net 55, $6k New Egg, Uline, Amsterdam, Grainger, MSC, Fed Ex, UPS

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Re: Best Gas/Fleet Business Credit Card

So far I would say the Conoco (Synchrony Bank) Commerical account. I was approved for $3500 with 2 vehicles.


It reported before I ever received the card...imagine that. Before it was delivered.


The APR is ridiculous at 28.99, but if you PIF who cares.


Fleet/fuel cards are not strong, so to come across a quick reporting one is unusual.

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