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Best business credit card

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Best business credit card

I'm starting a new business (a website) and need suggestions for a good business credit card that has some good rewards to go with it. I don't need a huge credit limit. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Best business credit card

I can suggest a few.  But you need to provide more information about what you want.


Are you willing to pay an annual fee?  What type of rewards do you prefer?  How much will you be spending monthly?

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Re: Best business credit card

Might have better luck on the business credit board

NFCU CashRewards $13.5k | AMEX BCE $15k | Lowes $17k | Sportsmanss guide $7.6k | Chase Freedom $1k | Discover IT $4.4k |
Walmart $8k | Gordman's $2950
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Re: Best business credit card

Welcome to the forum!

I agree, the business section would probably be best for you.

MOD, please move to Business Credit. Thanks!
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Re: Best business credit card

Chase Ink Cash or Classic. A bit easier to get approved then the Bold or Plus. Good all around business card to have with great bonus purchase categories so you can earn 5X points on office supply stores, phone services, cable tv and internet. 2X for gas and hotels. Cash pays back as statement credit and Classic earns UR points. Both Cash and Classic has 0% APR for 6 months.   


Edit : Ink Cash is no AF and has a low spend for signup bonus. Also no charge for AU cards. 

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