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Chase Ink Business Cash Approval: 4K (HARD MODE)

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Chase Ink Business Cash Approval: 4K (HARD MODE)

@BlueOak wrote:
@Aim_High wrote:
"However, I had gotten an IRS EIN number (for free, easy and instant online) to make mine look more official."

Hm, I didn't know this. I think that could be valuable bit of info here, for small sole props. I have a few friends who do online sales, etc, and are branching out, that I will pass this on to.

Awesome, glad it was helpful! Yes, it was pretty simple, quick, & easy. Emailed it to me right away.

Total Length of Credit = 35+ years; AoOA (Currently open accounts) = 26+ years;
AAoA = 9+ years; AoYA = less than 1 year (Nov 2019)
Total Open Credit Lines Over $440K. Utilization Less Than 1%. Inquiries until May 2020 (TU:2 -- EQ:2 -- EX:6)
*Hover cursor over each card to see name, CL
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