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GM Financial Lease REPORTING!

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GM Financial Lease REPORTING!

I leased a GMC Terrain last month in my business name and I was little surprised to see a new account listed on my TU alerts from GMC!

It might be helpful since I have no current installment accounts otherwise and that the total lease listed as $4624.

It's reporting as a joint account.

Just thought I would post because my Nissan Lease in my business DOES NOT report to my personal credit so this was a surprise from GMC.

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Re: GM Financial Lease REPORTING!

Is it thru Ally?


Did you do a COSignor?  or Personal Guarantor?


Because Ally does both - the PG does not report

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Re: GM Financial Lease REPORTING!

It's GM financial, I thought it was pg but guess it was co-signer... My mistake
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