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HELP** For Business Credit ** What Cards Approve easy?

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HELP** For Business Credit ** What Cards Approve easy?

i am trying to find out what is the best thing to do to establish busines credit.


i am the owner of my business, i ve used cash to do everything and its time i use business credit.

i have my Dnb Number. (i have 0 trade lines)  the dnb calls me every day for credit builder but i dont feel like paying if i can build my credit myself.


What im asking is what cards / where is approving now adays?


has anybody on the board applied for credit cards,office depot,etc ,with no trade lines and been approved?


i want to start applying BUt i dont want to make the wrong decsion. any help will be highly appreciatedSmiley Happy.

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Re: HELP** For Business Credit ** What Cards Approve easy?

Welcome to the forums Chevydriver!


First off please ignore DNB. You can do this yourself. Either way it's going to take time. Do this the right way and you will reap the rewards as your business grows.


May I ask what type of business? What kind of purchases will you primarily be making? If you don't need office supplies or shipping supplies the standard Uline and Quill account will do you no good. How is your personal credit? If you are in decent shape you can always get a business credit card with a personal guarantee. Many people try to avoid this but in reality it's about the only way to get a hold of real working cards for your business. Do you have a good relationship with a bank for your business? They want to help and would be a good place to start relationship building as they can see your cash flow over time, and that helps when you ask for a card. 


I know where you are, I have run a primarily cash based business for years. Always felt good to know I had no debt but now I am working by using the credit extended to me by the card issuers and sitting on my cash until the bills are due. There are benefits too if you spend a lot each year. Many reward cards offer nice points and miles as rewards simply for using the card. BE aware the interest is rather high on reward cards so don't carry a balance of the rewards are negated. 

Post more info and I am sure you will get lots of advice. 

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Re: HELP** For Business Credit ** What Cards Approve easy?





MSC Direct

Go Promos


 You will get approved with them with no business history.. If you need actual credit cards then look at Cap One or something like that but Cap reports to personal. If you don't need actual credit cards then just focus on those and check back in a month and we can guide you on from there.

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