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Not getting approved for Net30's

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Re: Not getting approved for Net30's

@Red1Blue wrote:

Have you tried ATOB Business Gas card. You can get approved very easily and they report to D&B if you request them. NAV is another company that reports. 

ATOB is suspect. They are not currently reporting for card holders.

~Is it 2023 yet?~

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Re: Not getting approved for Net30's

@dragontears wrote:

@WayneSki wrote:

O Okay.... I have business credit cards approved for an entity thats a couple months old with ZERO business credit established. I don't have a Dunns number either.

Not all businesses need Dunns or have to mess with D&B scores. If your industry doesn't use D&B why bother with it?

Easy enough to establish if not already currently set up. Many businesses have a DUNS # already and don't even know it. It's a CRA storing and providing information about your business to ANYONE that asks (no permissable purpose necessary). It's always best to make sure what is in your file is accurate as anything irregular could torpedo any decisioning process for banks, loans, credit cards, insurance, vendors or government contract work

~Is it 2023 yet?~

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Re: Not getting approved for Net30's

@4sallypat wrote:

@username7 wrote:

Meanwhile, I have my Amex Biz 2%, Amex Biz Bonvoy and 5% Amazon. Respectively around $85k available credit. 

US Bank approved me for the Triple Cash Rewards for $3k

FNBO Evergreen Biz approved me for $7.5k

Shell Small Business Fuel $11k

BP Fleet Solutions $12k



Home Depot? Denied.

Office Depot? Denied.

Staples? Denied. 

Lowes4Pros? Denied.

Sam's? Terrified to even try, with my personal exposure with them.

99% Wex backed cards? Denied.


D&B: 80

Experian: 85

Equifax: 346

FICO: 169


Business is about 3 years old. 


Have you tried the new fintech banks that will offer Net 30 terms for businesses like yours ?

These do not check personal credit - they go off your business stated income & links to your business bank accounts:


  • Divvy
  • Torpago
  • Brex
  • Kleer 
  • Ramp
  • Corpay


Also if your business can use these Net 30 accounts I have apped for:

  • Walmart Capital One Community Card
  • Menards / Northern Tool (Blue Tarp / Capital One)
  • Amazon Net 30/55 LOC
  • Samsung business credit
  • Floor & Decor net 30 (Comenity)
  • Dell Commercial (Web Bank)
  • Best Buy Business net 30


Have you checked what the creditors see on DnB? I found that I wasnt getting the approvals due to a mixup on suite numbers on my information. Once that was fixed and all my listings matched, there were no more problems, I have the CreditSignal sub on to monitor the actions taken on my business credit profiles.


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Re: Not getting approved for Net30's

@GApeachy wrote:

@username7 wrote:


FICO: 169



^^^ ???  do you mean SBFE?

Based off of what provides to you

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