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Recent Office Depot Net30 No PG experience (Denied)

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Recent Office Depot Net30 No PG experience (Denied)

So, I just a applied for  and got denied, an Office Depot Net account with No PG. They use Citi as their provider, so that means my chances at Staples and Home Depot which I applied for the other day are basically zero. 


My business is 5 years old, but my business credit is just a couple months old. "A" rating with Experian according to No Duns Paydex is showing yet on (I have a DUNS number, but its only a few months old max).


I have Amazon Net 55 with no pg, Uline, and Summa Office Supplies, all with no PG. 


I applied and got the "Code 26" and a reference # for me to provide when I call in so I can "provide more information".


I was told that OD requires 3 years of business credit history and that I would have to PG in order to qualify. 


I feel like people have gotten an OD and Staples Net account without meeting that requirement. Maybe the no Paydex is what killed it. (I have no idea if I still dont have one as Nav only checks once a month I believe).


Oh well. I'll try again at another date. 

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Re: Recent Office Depot Net30 No PG experience (Denied)

Citi business does say 3 years of history.  One of my business had over 5 years of actual history and I kept getting denied for Office Depot, Staples and Home Depot.  I had Citi Sunoco, Exxon, but got denied close to a dozen times for the before mentioned.  I kept trying and eventually I got $1k at OD and Staples, and 5k at HD.  IMO credit, especially no PG business credit is an illogical process sometimes.  


Another example related to that LLC's biz credit journey.  I app'd for a dell account probably 15 times for that business, denied everytime.  One night I tried and again and bam, $10k instant approval.  Over the next 6 months or so received automatic increases upto $30k.  Again that LLC had a bunch of reported credit for more than 5 years, with a Padex of 90 and A excellent rating on Experian, but was still being denied for no PG credit, and then it just started to happen, but I had to keep applying and getting denied a bunch of times before it started happening.


The last point I'll make is.  I have another LLC, it's been in business as sole Prop for 3 years with no credit accounts, not even a checking account.  Business was growing so I converted it to an LLC.  It's only been an LLC for a little over a year, and I received the usual accounts, Quill, Unline, Grainger, Supply Works...  Supply Works has been used heavy.  Quill used once and reported once to D&B  Grainger used once, but never reported.  Unline never used.  No Padex and 2 accounts reporting to Experian with A rating.  Apped for Menards approved for 2k net 55.  Amazon approved 2k net 55.  Dell approved 5k, so why did Dell approve an LLC with a thin file that's only 14 months old and deny a 6 year old LLC with 30k credit lines and a Padex of 90?!?  IMO Credit is an enigma inside an enigma.  


Plenty of people on here will disagree with that last statement, but my long winded point is, stay the course, don't give up.  Keep your business's bill paid, and eventually you'll see the approvals.

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